Enjoy benefits only carpet tiles can offer

When you need commercial carpet, choosing products that will simultaneously cover as many needs as possible makes sense. The good news is that carpet tiles can provide durability, beauty, and a reasonable lifespan, to name only a few of the benefits. As a result, you may find them to serve you even better than expected.

As you bring your remodeling requirements to our attention, share any specific must-haves. We will cater to these first and work around them to provide solutions for all your preferences. But, again, reviewing information helps make the best decisions for your carpet squares.

Added durability can be yours

Carpet tiles offer excellent durability, with fibers that cater to high traffic, spills, and matting possibilities. Ask about fibers with built-in stain and odor protection that can help floors last longer and smell better. These are perfect for spaces with load-bearing requirements, as the surface is less likely to crush.

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Beautiful visual opportunities

In addition to beautiful colors, designs, and textures, we can arrange these pieces in stunning patterns. Creating visuals by putting different tiles into patterns that give exciting results is easy. Choose commercial carpet features that cater to your décor and offer beautiful trending features.

Easy installation and replacement

The tile format gives you the most effortless carpet installation, allowing you to walk immediately on your new floors. In addition, a peel-and-stick option will enable technicians to make quick work of the service, especially in spaces that need as little downtime as possible. Once you choose your materials, we'll tell you what you can expect and how long it should take.

When it's time to remove these pieces, they're just as easy to replace. We can replace damaged carpet tiles instead of replacing all your flooring. Ask us about all the details of these floors in your space.
Luxury carpet in Miami, FL from O'Neill Brothers Flooring

Choose our showroom for your commercial carpet tiles

O'Neill Brothers Flooring offers the best products and services that provide results you can stand on for years to come. Our approach to your flooring needs makes us an exceptional place to shop and inquire about materials and services. We also offer competitive pricing, making us your go-to source for the best flooring remodeling.

We invite you to visit our showroom in Royal Palm Beach, FL, whenever you’re in the area. Our carpet tiles are sure to provide the results you want and need in many spaces. We serve Miami, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, Jupiter, FL, and Coral Springs, FL, and we look forward to serving you too.